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Core Values


We offer so much more than great benefits & great pay. We offer a great career with tons of fun & exciting people! Come visit us and see our great culture in action!
Team Trips
Firehouse loves seeing the world! The best part is Firehouse wants to go with you!   These trips are planned annually & based on performance.
Company Events
We host company events to bring the team together and build camaraderie every month! This our way of celebrating your hard work!
Take Your Company Vehicle Home
Taking the company vehicle home is a great way to save time and money. This is no extra charge just a benefit of being a Firehouse team member.
Supplied Uniform
Not only are our uniforms a relaxing polo but we also don’t charge you penny for it.
Team Training
At Firehouse, we take your success seriously! That’s why we invest in weekly training so you’re always growing and developing which helps you become successful!
Team Breakfast
What’s the deal with breakfast? I mean, other than being an important meal of day… A team member perk! Come and get it every week.
Family Owned & Operated
We’re a family-owned and operated company. Our philosophy is simple: treat your team and customers like family and they will keep coming back!
Great Benefits
Firehouse offers some of the best benefits around. Paid Holidays, Great Health Insurance, Paid Vacation, Company Vehicle, Work 45 Average Hours A Week (More If You Want It) & 401K Plans. The best part is if you’re transferring form another job there will be no lapse in coverage!
Working At Firehouse Is Like???
"Real Quotes From Real Team Members At SALT"
"Eating CAKE All Day & Getting Paid To Do It!"
"Driving A Race Car — Exciting, Goes By Fast & The Chicks Dig It!"
"Riding A Wild Unicorn – Magical, Engaging & Everyone Wants Too!"
Need More Quotes? Keep Reading?
"Eating Whatever You Want & Never Gaining Weight!"
"Wearing A New Pair Of Sneakers Everyday — You Look Fresh & Have Plenty Of Support! "
"Going To The Moon With Your Best Friend — Out Of This World Experience!"
How Are There More Quotes?
"Going On Your Favorite Vacation – FOREVER!"
"Dating The Prom Queen. Marrying The Prom Queen & Then Finding Out She's A Secret Millionaire!"
"Like Grabbing A Beer With Your Hero & Than Finding Out Your Hero Is Better Than You Could've Ever Imagined!"​
That About Sums Up Working At Firehouse!